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From photography courses to camera classes to film schools to free online photography tutorials -- the Photo Course Advisor will help you design your own personalized plan for learning photography and achieving photographic excellence.

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Learning photography now can
lead to a lifetime of enjoyment.
  • Interested in beginning with the basics and simply learning how to take good pictures? We'll point you to courses and tutorials to handle that.
  • Do you need to ramp up into more advanced photography skills to go beyond the basics? You'll find advanced courses, specialized training, and info about exciting workshops, photography cruises, and much more.
  • Considering a career in photography? We've got that covered, too, with articles about photography career information and getting a job in photography, plus details about photography schools and colleges to get you prepared.

So How Does It Work?

First of all, the Photo Course Advisor (yes, that's an actual person, not just a website) searches and researches the available photo courses, schools, tutorials, workshops, and online freebies.

Who is the Photo Course Advisor?

The Photo Course Advisor is a long-time photographer who started to learn photography as a child, helping his father in a homemade film developing and enlarging darkroom.

He has never lost his first fascination with everything photographic, and has carried that creative passion into the world of digital stock photography.

Articles and reviews go up here and out through our RSS feed, Facebook, Twitter and our email newsletter to keep you advised of new and breaking information, including special discounts and opportunities.

Companies and schools offering photography training courses or products can post information free (and you and other photographers can leave comments about your experiences with those schools and products) on our user-generated feedback section.

Our "On Learning Photography" Interviews with photographers and industry leaders will provide you both insight and inspiration.

Photography questions about courses, tutorials, products and training are asked by readers and personally answered with a published reply from the Photo Course Advisor.

Your Photo Course Connection

As we go on this photographic learning adventure together, we hope you'll

  • keep informed via RSS Feed or Email Newsletter,
  • ask questions,
  • give your own feedback on the products and photography courses you use,
  • and help spread the word to your friends by Liking and Tweeting the pages you enjoy.

The Photo Course Advisor (whoever he is) will always be here ready to help and share your passion for photography!

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