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On Learning Photography

If you're interested in learning photography, you'll find the expert photographer interviews on this page a fascinating journey through the lives of some very creative people.

Some of the interviews are with:

  • professional stock photographers,
  • editorial and travel "togs,"
  • and experts in specific areas, like post-processing digital images or creating amazing black and white photos.

The helpful tips and inspiration from these interviews with photographers can launch you into an exciting ride through a world of technical and creative challenges, mixed with exploration of your artistic expression.

Ready to learn? Then buckle your seatbelt and let's get started.

But first, a warning...

Once you start learning photography, you'll never finish -- because there is always something new to learn!

Photographer Interviews

We're very fortunate that many professional photographers are willing to take the time to share their stories.

Instead of just focusing on their own businesses, they take great delight in helping other photographers improve their skills.

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On Learning Photography interview #4, image of black and white photography expert and author John Batdorff

On Learning Photography #4: John Batdorff

In Interview #4, Black and White Photography expert and author John Batdorff tells of his adventures and discoveries in the world of black and white images.

On Learning Photography interview #3, image of stock photographer and Lightroom expert Rob Sylvan

On Learning Photography #3: Rob Sylvan

In Interview #3, Rob Sylvan explains how his love of photography developed and how he went from being an iStockPhoto contributor to becoming an image inspector and admin, and finally an author and instructor.

On Learning Photography interview #2, image of food stock photographer Nicole Young

Interview #2: Nicole Young

In Interview #2, Nicole Young ("Nicolesy") gives some great tips for growing as a photographer and reminds us to always put people first.

On Learning Photography interview #1, image of editorial photographer Aloha Lavina

Interview #1: Aloha Lavina

In Interview #1, Aloha Lavina tells about her interesting life as a travel and editorial photographer and explains how she keeps her photography skills up to date.

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Just remember - now that you've started to learn photography, you'll never finish -- but you'll still enjoy a fascinating, creative journey every step of the way!

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